MedTrade. The all-in-one solution.

The Company was established in 1997 and is based in Alexandria, Egypt to provide and deliver outstanding service to all our clients.
This is our top priority.
This integrated approach combines insight and innovation with business knowledge and industry expertise to help our clients exceed their expectations.
In all of our years, we have served many well acknowledged companies and we never forget that the many organizations that use our various services depend on us for reliability, efficiency, convenience and the best possible rates. They can count on us to deliver on our promise.
Customers like our personal approach. Other movers and other shipping companies can't offer MedTrade’s level of service. We'll provide:
• Timely and accurate price quotes
 Assistance estimating weights and dimensions for your move or shipment
 Packing advice for your move or shipment
 Completed shipping documents
 Tracking and troubleshooting for your move or shipment

Why you should choose MedTrade for your needs ?

 People choose MedTrade for three main reasons:
 Our shipping experience,
 Our competitive prices for all logistic services.
 Our good customer service.

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